Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hamlet reincarnate...

Anyone else seen the competition just launched by Frank MUrlin? I myself am intrigued and will certainy have a go. He's suggesting that writers take Hamlet's famous speech, "To be or not to be..." and instead of words like "From whose born, no traveller returns" re-write the soliloquy from the point of reincarnation. Any other takers?

Monday, 2 April 2012

School Trips

When I was young we were told travel broadens the mind. Today, just before the Easter holiday, we find that travel broadens the profit margin for the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Last year, 40,000 children, with parents, played truant and went on holiday during term times. Might free schools(!) allow this liberty as being educationally, as well as economically, damn good (INa)SENSE?

Saturday, 18 February 2012


My new book, "Free Schools??? That's the Spirit!" Will be published on February 23rd. You can pre-order it here:

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Free Schools??? That's the Spirit!

My new book, Free Schools??? That's the Spirit! is now with the publishers, with publication expected within the next month. Here's the finalised cover and blurb. If you feel that kids can sometimes be better teachers than the adults in their lives, what price traditional education? If you feel that a degree is no longer a passport to rewarding employment read about what advantages a person-centred approach to whole-life learning can offer. If you're surrounded by people disillusioned with present systems of learning how about approaching your local bookseller to arrange a booksigning!

Free Schools??? That's the Spirit! ISBN: 9781843868965

Vital personalised choices are at the heart of Free Schools???
initiatives. Christopher Gilmore and Susan his visionary colleague
and single mother of three, have developed a cutting-edge à la carte
curriculum complementary to most prevailing systems. After
successfully piloting ‘My Identity Audit’ in public and private schools,
they developed a rich range of innovative educational exercises.
This book teems with well-argued and refreshingly provocative
ideas appealing to all optimists who see life as our best teacher.

Consider those who leave education without qualifications only
subsequently to excel in the arts or business. Others with degrees stack
supermarket shelves – if they can get a job at all. Not an entirely new
approach yet woven throughout are radical insights inviting
adventurous breakthroughs…!

Christopher and Susan present scores of multi-dimensional
strategies to stimulate the love of learning in each spirited
individual, with an emphasis on wellbeing, peace and
sustainability. Th eir innovating team of experts now offers
training and courses under their rainbow umbrella of
INaSENSE Ltd (http://www.inasense.co.uk/).

By putting a happy heart before a hurting head, Free Schools??? places
students of all ages at the centre of all their learning choices. While
calling for fellow travellers, Christopher shows how independence of
Spirit guides us quicker to the goals we wish to achieve. So let’s feed all
of our unique gifts, he says, and daily uplift ourselves with the desire to
explore and ever improve our true inner Self (with a capital S!).

Sunday, 18 December 2011

"Ridiculously interesting!" That was the comment made by the proof reader of my forthcoming book, "Free Schools??? - That's The Spirit!"

I wonder whether she was referring to the quotes from one Frank Murlin. He it was who inspired the more transcendant aspects of the book's content. Over to you? What did you find ridiculous, interesting or ridiculously interesting in educational institutions? Examples please! Send them to Frank Murlin himself, here


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Director(s) sought for SilverLight Academy


The new SilverLight Academy, (part of INaSENSE) seeks experienced educators with a passion for putting heart before head, experience before explanation and keeping love of Soul central in all circumstances.

This innovative role would best suit those with a passion for Self Discovery seen as central to all educational provision together with students' personal contributions to both local and global concerns. If you are interested in helping to devise cutting-edge and pioneering courses on healthy whole-person learning programmes, have you:

- Quality time to spare – unpaid until results bring rewards?
- Tried and tested experience in assembling training programmes on personal development?
- Knowledge of how to achieve all-round accreditation for qualifications gained by students?
- Interested in training other trainers to add further professional qualifications for those working not only in education but also with those with health issue (physical and/or psychological) excluded pupils and their families; prison inmates of all ages?



Wednesday, 28 September 2011


As a director of INaSENSE, I'm celebrating the launch of our new website here. I'm also happy to report that my latest book, "Free Schools ??? - That's the Spirit!" has been accepted for publication by Vanguard Press, part of the Pegasus group. The latest it might appear is next May but hopefully it may be sooner. Any reader of this post bursting to give their views on free schools and/or faith schools please let's share thoughts.